Help for the lists

Do not send an email before you have seen the searched type in the list - Often an Internet Searching Machine mix the types. Please note down the abbreviation at the right side of the typenumber and repeat this in your email!
see ... is noted for the datasheet only, NOT for replacement! Often one datasheet has both NPN-transistor and complementary PNP- type.


  s  = standard, small datasheet page 1) , 2)
  S  = large form, or very stuffed page 1) , 2)
  f  = fragment, incomplete, shortform,
        brief desription only
  a  = in advance, preview, preliminary 3)
  j  = japanese text only

1) Copies via post if not prohibited by copyright.
2) Scans on request if not prohibited by copyright.
3) This remark is lost if the datasheet is nearly complete.


1SS678  j

for the type 1SS678 there is a standard datasheet having useful tables and diagrams and japanese text

PMCO05  f

for the type PMCO05
( O = End of prefix, 0 = zero !! ) I can help for identification only. Perhaps I find little technical information from the lists.

40999  s see 2N1234

I don't possess a datasheet for the 40999 but the datasheet for the 2N1234 includes informations for the 40999

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