Discrete semiconductor devices
Datasheets for types beginning with MM

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Datasheets or brief informations
available for:

MM1... 2... 3... 4...
MM5... 6... 8...
MMBA to S... T... V to Z...
MMD... MMF... MMS... MMT...

MM1500   s 
MM1501   s 
MM1505   s 
MM1553   s 
MM1557   f
MM1558   f
MM1559   f
MM1613   f
MM1748   s 
MM1803   s see 2N3137 
MM1941   s 
MM2005   s 
MM2258   s 
MM2259   s 
MM2260   s 
MM2484   f 
MM2894   f 
MM3000   s 
MM3001   s 
MM3002   s 
MM3003   s 
MM3005   s 
MM3006   s 
MM3007   s 
MM3008   s 
MM3009   s 
MM3019   f 
MM3020   f 
MM3053   s 
MM3375   f 
MM3726   s 
MM3734   s 
MM3735   s 
MM3736   s 
MM3737   s 
MM3903   s 
MM3904   s 
MM3905   s 
MM3906   s 
MM4000   s 
MM4001   s 
MM4002   s 
MM4003   s 
MM4005   s 
MM4006   s 
MM4007   s 
MM4008   s 
MM4009   s 
MM4010   s 
MM4018   s 
MM4019   s 
MM4030   s 
MM4031   s 
MM4032   s 
MM4033   s 
MM4036   s 
MM4037   s 
MM4049   s 
MM4052   s 
MM4208   s 
MM4209   s 
MM4257   s 
MM4258   s 
MM4261   s 
MM439    s 
MM4404   f 
MM5005   s 
MM5006   s 
MM5007   s 
MM5189   s 
MM5262   s 
MM6427   s 
MM8000   s 
MM8001   s 
MM8003   f 
MM8006   s 
MM8007   s 
MM8008   s 
MM8009   s 
MM8010   s 
MM8011   s 
MM869    f 
MMBF2201 S
MMBF4391 s 
MMBF4393 s 
MMBF5911 s 

MMBFJ113 s 
MMBFJ174 s 
MMBFJ175 s 
MMBFJ176 s 
MMBFJ177 s 

MMBT100  s 
MMBT101  s 
MMBT200  s 
MMBT201  s 
MMBT2218 s 
MMBT2219 s 
MMBT2221 s 
MMBT2222 s 
MMBT2369 s 
MMBT2484 s 
MMBT2710 s 
MMBT2904 s 
MMBT2905 s 
MMBT2906 s 
MMBT2907 s 
MMBT2924 s 
MMBT3013 s 
MMBT3014 s 
MMBT3117 s 
MMBT3251 s 
MMBT3392 s 
MMBT3393 s 
MMBT3414 s 
MMBT3415 s 
MMBT3416 s 
MMBT3417 s 
MMBT3467 s 
MMBT3563 s 
MMBT3565 s 
MMBT3566 s 
MMBT3567 s 
MMBT3568 s 
MMBT3569 s 
MMBT3638 s 
MMBT3639 s 
MMBT3640 s 
MMBT3641 s 
MMBT3642 s 
MMBT3643 s 
MMBT3644 s 
MMBT3645 s 
MMBT3646 s 
MMBT3693 s 
MMBT3694 s 
MMBT3700 s 
MMBT3702 s 
MMBT3703 s 
MMBT3903 s 
MMBT3904 s 
MMBT3905 s 
MMBT3906 s 
MMBT3946 s 
MMBT3962 s 
MMBT404  s 
MMBT4121 s 
MMBT4122 s 
MMBT4123 s 
MMBT4124 s 
MMBT4125 s 
MMBT4126 s 
MMBT4143 s 
MMBT4248 s 
MMBT4249 s 
MMBT4250 s 
MMBT4258 s 
MMBT4274 s 
MMBT4275 s 
MMBT4291 s 
MMBT4354 s 
MMBT4355 s 
MMBT4356 s 
MMBT4400 s 
MMBT4401 s 
MMBT4402 s 
MMBT4403 s 
MMBT4409 s 
MMBT4410 s 
MMBT4888 s 
MMBT4889 s 
MMBT4916 s 
MMBT4917 s 
MMBT5086 s 
MMBT5087 s 
MMBT5088 s 
MMBT5089 s 
MMBT5128 s 
MMBT5130 s 
MMBT5133 s 
MMBT5134 s 
MMBT5135 s 
MMBT5136 s 
MMBT5137 s 
MMBT5138 s 
MMBT5139 s 
MMBT5142 s 
MMBT5143 s 
MMBT5172 s 
MMBT5179 s 
MMBT5209 s 
MMBT5210 s 
MMBT5223 s 
MMBT5224 s 
MMBT5226 s 
MMBT5227 s 
MMBT5228 s 
MMBT5400 s 
MMBT5401 s 
MMBT5447 s 
MMBT5550 s 
MMBT5551 s 
MMBT5571 s 
MMBT5769 s 
MMBT5771 s 
MMBT5772 s 
MMBT5830 s 
MMBT5831 s 
MMBT5833 s 
MMBT5855 s 
MMBT5857 s 
MMBT5910 s 
MMBT5961 s 
MMBT5962 s 
MMBT5965 s 
MMBT6426 s 
MMBT6427 s 
MMBT6428 s 
MMBT6429 s 
MMBT6502 s 
MMBT6514 s 
MMBT6515 s 
MMBT6517 s 
MMBT6518 s 
MMBT6520 s 
MMBT6521 s 
MMBT6543 s 
MMBT6560 s 
MMBT6561 s 
MMBT6562 s 
MMBT706  s 
MMBT918  s 
MMBT930  s 

MMBTA05  s 
MMBTA06  s 
MMBTA12  s 
MMBTA13  s 
MMBTA14  s 
MMBTA20  s 
MMBTA42  s 
MMBTA43  s 
MMBTA55  s 
MMBTA56  s 
MMBTA70  s 
MMBTA92  s 
MMBTA93  s 

MMBTH10  s 
MMBTH11  s 
MMBTH20  s 
MMBTH24  s 
MMBTH30  s 
MMBTH34  s 
MMBTH81  s 

MMBTL01  s 
MMBTL51  s 
MMBV105  s 
MMBV109  s 
MMBV2101 s 
MMBV2103 s see 2101
MMBV2104 s see 2101
MMBV2105 s see 2101
MMBV2106 s see 2101
MMBV2107 s see 2101
MMBV2108 s see 2101
MMBV2109 s see 2101
MMBV3102 s 
MMBV3401 s 
MMBV3700 s 
MMBV409  s     
MMBV432  s 
MMBV609  s 
MMBV809  s 

MMCM2222 s 
MMCM2369 s 
MMCM2484 s 
MMCM2857 s 
MMCM2907 s 
MMCM3798 s 
MMCM3799 s 
MMCM3903 s 
MMCM3904 s 
MMCM3905 s 
MMCM3906 s 
MMCM3960 s 
MMCM918  s 
MMCM930  s 
MMD6050  s 
MMD6100  s 
MMD6150  s 
MMD70    s 
MMD7000  s 
MMD7001  s 

MMDF.. see ICs
MMF1     s 
MMF2     s 
MMF3     s 
MMF4     s 
MMF5     s 
MMF6     f 
MMSF10N02  S
MMSF7N03   S
MMT2222  s 
MMT2369  s 
MMT2484  s 
MMT2857  s 
MMT2907  s 
MMT3014  s 
MMT3546  s 
MMT3798  s 
MMT3799  s 
MMT3823  s 
MMT3903  s 
MMT3904  s 
MMT3905  s 
MMT3906  s 
MMT3960  s 
MMT70    s 
MMT71    s 
MMT72    s 
MMT73    s 
MMT74    s 
MMT75    s 
MMT76    s 
MMT8015  s 
MMT806   s 
MMT807   s 
MMT808   s 
MMT809   s 
MMT918   s 
MMT930   s 

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