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Do not send an email before you have seen the searched type in the list - Often an Internet Searching Machine mix the types. Please note down the abbreviation at the right side of the typenumber. You need the page number and mark for the contact.

  a  = in advance, preview, preliminary 1), 3)
  B  = component of a databook, 2)
  f  = fragment, incomplete, shortform via email
  j  = japanese text only 3)
  s  = standard, small datasheet page 3)
  S  = large form, or very stuffed page 3)

1) This remark is lost if the datasheet is complete.
2) Scans/photos may be difficult.
3) If not prohibited by copyright: Scans/photos available
    via email as numerous pages as I have the time.


IC-TYPENUMBER  Volume/Remarks
uPC    171    2  j

for the type uPC171 there is a standard 2-page datasheet having useful tables and diagrams and japanese text

PMCO   05     0  f

for the type PMCO05 ( O = End of prefix, 0 = zero !! ) I can help for identification only. Perhaps I find little technical information from the lists.

AM     29703  3  f

for the type AM29703 I possess an useful but partly destroyed datasheet. I shall reconstruct as well as I have the time.

Helps for Prefix- Number- problems

The list is sorted by the number following the prefix letters This method has the avantage of listing second source manufacturer types near together, if they use the same number but different prefixes. Manufacturers using a lot of prefixes for the classification of cases and quality: To avoid many rows in the list, the prefix is replaced by the manufacturers short- name, e.g. Intel.

Attention: Seldom there are prefixes having digits between letters, e.g. A6G, L4C, M5C to M5M, P4C , or the prefix shows a digit at the beginning. Please test both places in the list!

Example: To test if there is a datasheet of the type M5M 80 C 85 ABC in my collection, please select here, in the center column, the first digit following the prefix M5M : _8.._ , and with the second step _80_ ! Than you will find in the list: M5M... 80C85. You can test the second possible place by using the M- letter only as prefix : Select _5..._ and than _5A,B,C..._ and test if there is a row : M..... 5M80 .

If JavaScript is deactivated:

Please use the searching function of your browser. The number always begins after 7 steps for letters and spaces. Example:
For the LM107 please type in the following question:
To find the beginning of a searched number block please consider: The number-column has >=7 steps for digits or spaces.
Example: For the number- block 678 please type in:
You need this method only if your browser has no comfortable search functions.

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