How to use the datasheet collection ?

During my total period of professional activity I was collecting datasheets for ICs and other semiconductor devices, spending a lot of my leisure time. In the year 1995 I decided to terminate this action as for new devices. For old datasheets I was completing the collection until today.

Never I had the ambition to make a full- text- database or PDF- collection for the internet, perhaps a full- time job for a small business. Too much of the datasheets are declared as to be preliminary or advanced because I usually was requesting them as early as possible. Therefore the collection is usable for not binding and inexact information only.

Integrated Circuit or other semiconductor device? Where to begin searching a given type if one has an unknown device having an unknown function? The boundary between ICs and others is fluctuating. If the device has a case format used for both classes, e.g. TO92 and TO220 transistor- case, used for regulator- ICs too, please search in both IC and other devices lists!

Where to find the Type- Number if the device has a lot of stamps? The key is the combination of the manufacturer identification symbol, often made more durable than a stamp, and the type- prefix, suitable for referencing the manufacturer too. If there are more than one stamps in the manner of a prefix, see in the Prefix- List if you can find a prefix for the manufacturer identified by the symbol.

Next steps if type and manufacturer are known: Because my collection is NOT ACTUALISATED and because of the COPYRIGHT for many datasheets please begin your activity on the manufacturers homepage, distributors and professional offers of datasheets! If the manufacturer no more exists, or if he is not able to deliver a datasheet from a part out of production, you can search in the following lists if there is a datasheet or other information- source for the given type in my collection.


Other Semiconductor Devices

For some types there are full data but without guaranty: FADs, Frequently asked datasheets

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