Brief email- answers
containing selected datas from diode- and transistor- datasheets

Often I receive a detailed question able to be answered by little words. In such case I send regularly an answer more detailed than actually needed, because it reduces the time if I receive a second question concerning the same type. The standard email- answer for transistors and diodes is an 1- page brief datasheet without diagrams. If I find useful diagrams or S- parameter tables I note the extent only. Of course I can send the scan of an omitted diagram if needed.

A second occasion to make brief answers: Many datasheets offer little datas only, not much more than offered by a single row in a family table or type- comparing list. A lot of diagrams may pretend a full information. But nearly examined one find uninteresting and inexact declarations only. Often any conditions for given values are missing. Nevertheless such datasheets can count many pages. I don't scan such ineffective datasheet pages. I prefer to use the time selecting the important and well defined values.

The copyright of not yet very old datasheets is a further inhibition against scans. The selfmade data- extraction has the advantage of better survey and preparation, but the disadvantage of additional mistakes. If you find some strange values or declarations don't hesitate to send an email.

If the exact information is needed for professional work I recommend to contact the manufacturer and to check the possibilities to receive the informations directly. If this is not possible I will copy or scan the old dataheet I possess.

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