QSL- Karte, gezeichnet 1961

Die hier abgebildete
QSL- Karte habe ich
1961 gezeichnet.

Data and Equipment of the Radio Amateur Station
Call : DJ7OH

Personal Data:
Name : Ingo, Call : DJ7OH
Licence since 1961,
1959 - 2009 Member of the DARC (Deutscher Amateur Radio Club),
OV A05 and OV P39.

Position, Locality:
QTH : Ulm / Donau (Danube), 120 km W of München,
see   Map of South Germany

QRA- locator: JN 48 XK
Altitude City :500m, Altitude QTH: 550m, Free view directions : East - south (- west ),
see   Map of environs

Bands and Modes:
160m : (insufficient antenna)
80m: SSB, CW ,( seldom qrv: 40m: SSB,CW and 30m: CW)
20m, 18m,15m,12m and 10m: SSB, CW
2m and 70cm: FM, no digital Modes.

SW- Equipment:
Homemade QRP Allband- CW/SSB Transceicer, Diagram see   Block- Scheme
Output Power : 10 W PEP
Antenna: Vertical Dipol, length = 10m, central connected with tuned double wire. Scheme see   Antenna

VHF/UHF- Equipment:
Homemade Mobiltransceiver, dualband for 2m and 70cm, 25kHz step, Synthesizer
Output Power : 6 W
Antenna: Vertical Dipol (On the Top of TV- Antennas)

Call Frequency:
430,350 MHz and via DB0TE (431,300MHz up, 438,900 MHz down).

QSL- Cards:
No interest on QSL- Cards, since 2010 no Cards available.

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